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The reaction to the painted piano was wonderful. Excited to inspire other musicians, Jack spent four years acquiring, painting and donating pianos to schools and charities that support youth. Jack first donated a piano to Boulder High School. Located in the band room, the piano is played by students every day. Music has brought great joy and hope into his life, so Jack loves sharing the muse with others. 

In the Summer of 2013 Jack acquired a 1956 Gulbransen spinet piano in decent shape but in need of a face lift. Turning his garage into his studio and workshop, he spent the next ten days "throwing paint" on the piano and hand painting all 88 keys. Then his piano technician, Ryan Elison, tuned, tweaked and refurbished it. The relatively light-weight piano was perfect for outdoor performances--Jack spent six summers busking with the painted piano on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado.  


Most recently, he donated a painted piano to Attention Homes in Boulder. This amazing non-profit provides life changing resources for youth in crisis. Article here:

July - 2014

July - 2013

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