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Jack Gaffney

Genre-bending composer & 
electronic producer with classically trained skill-set

New: Empath EP

Arrangement for Concertize

Electric Range performs Jack's arrangement of Someone Else by Rezz and Grabbitz


Featured Projects

Jack Keys Cervs_edited_edited.jpg

Jack joins electronic DJ Eliptek on keys


Jack Gaffney05465 copy.jpg

Original compositions


Shake it Up final art.jpeg

Instrumental bass featuring piano

Jack Gaffney

Jack Gaffney is a classically trained composer, producer, pianist, singer and teacher based in Denver, CO. Specializing in classical, EDM, rock, pop and jazz, blending classical orchestration into popular music.


In '22/'23 he arranged four EDM songs for string quartet in collaboration with Electric Range. They are regularly performed nationally through Fever’s ‘Electric Legends’ Candlelight series. Jack also performs with the infamously talented electro-soul artist Eliptek, playing keys and synthesizer live. If you’re lucky you can catch a singer-songwriter solo set, where Jack demonstrates his depth as a storyteller and pianist.

Stay tuned for Jack Gaffney’s new EP, ‘Empath’, coming late 2023.

Future projects will be released under the alias Revital, which is the culmination of his twenty years of musical studies. Revital will be ground-breaking—merging five genres into a single electronic blend.

Stay tuned.

Jack’s musical experience is intense: Bachelor of Music, Composition, with High Honors (CU Boulder). 21 years of piano lessons. 15 years of voice lessons. 15 years writing and performing original music. Hundreds of hours spent busking for tips. Dozens of classical compositions for chamber ensembles. 13+ arrangements of pop songs for string quartet. He teaches private music lessons to share his knowledge with his community.

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Having worked closely with Jack Gaffney for almost 14 years I've come to understand the breadth of his talent and creativity, and the magnitude of his intuition as a musician. In the two decades of my teaching career I cannot recall another young artist who has made as distinct and true an impression on me.


-Carter Pann, University of Colorado Professor and Grammy-nominated composer.

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